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lockdown videos

We may not be able to see each other in person but during lockdown I've been working hard to bring people together through video content.


Whether its celebrating birthdays, sending well wishes or just a video to say you're thinking of them. Whatever you want to create on film, I'm there to produce it for you to ensure that even if your loved ones aren't physically near you, you're still very much together.

"Lauren did an amazing job of making it feel like all my friends and family were in the same place, even though we couldn't be together. It helped to make one of my best birthdays, even though we were in lockdown"

James Bevan

Surprise birthday Video

How does it work?

Really simply! All you need is friends and family and a mobile phone.

I will create a set of instructions for you to email or Whats App to your friends and family so they can film themselves using their phones. The instructions are designed so anyone can create a video - even those who aren't particularly technical.


For ease, I'll ask you to deliver everything to me in one batch via What's App. I will then edit the footage and deliver the video via an online video link.

Videos can be turned around within 24 hours.


"Oh my, this is so so so so wonderful, I couldn't be more delighted. It was a huge hit with Mom"


Surprise Birthday Video for her mother in America

"You are so incredibly talented. We are blown away by the video and cannot stop watching it. Funny and emotional - we will treasure it forever."

The Witkin Family

Surprise Bat Mitzvah Video

Thank you so much for this incredible video. It has literally made the whole lockdown/totally rubbish time worth it. We've watched it about 50 times already - we're having to ration our views - and it just makes us so happy each time"

Jack and Jules

Surprise video created by their bridal party

"Lauren, I can't thank you enough for making the video. It's so special and has helped many many people process and express themselves."

THE Holmes family

memorial video

"My husband absolutely loves it. It was really moving to see all his friends and family together and he will really treasure it.


Thank you for all of your hard work and for editing some of it in in Norweigian - a foreign language! Most impressive."

Laura Mohn

surprise Birthday Video

"The  best present I've ever had - I might have missed my hen do but it felt like my hens were with me."


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